CAMP is a community based non- profit organization that believes in building bridges through sustainable partnerships and networks. We have an inter-generational approach working simultaneously for, youth and seniors as the most vital part of the family framework we believe in restoring, refining and supporting.

Our aim is to support grass root empowerment through education, training and advocacy efforts, with special focus on immigrants and marginalized families. We believe that empowerment means providing skill building opportunities and making low cost/ no cost opportunities available where it’s mostly needed.

Our focus is to build community capacity through consistent sharing of resources and information for awareness, empowerment knowledge sharing to eliminating conflicts among diverse groups of population and community development for diverse communities.


In 2004 a small bunch of thoughtful people, assembled a group of sincere and dedicated people to discuss issues pertaining to the new immigrant community regarding their health issues, their employment problems, and their lack of sense of direction regarding their career advancement into their own fields / professions, specifically foreign trained professionals. The intent of the group was to discuss topics in the community and to customize the ways through which they could make a difference to the community by helping immigrants blend into mainstream Canadian society through education, training, counselling, referral, information and bridging barriers to become a useful part of the system.

By 2006, this group of about 10 people (the first board of directors for the Canadian Association of Multicultural People) was almost reaching 50 in number and they really did start growing as a network of few dedicated people and this is where they were motivated to incorporate as an organization.

In 2007, they incorporated as the Canadian Association of Multicultural People (CAMP). An organization  passionate about serving the community and this passion led us to form an initial membership network of average common people in almost every field that was focused on helping other people like them in every aspect of their lives in order to better assist them  adjust in the Canadian society.

Since its inception, Canadian Association of Multicultural People has been visible on the health promotion landscape due to our vibrant networking model and pioneering initiatives that empower people and organizations to partner, serve and build capacity for our future leaders and their families to grow and stay healthy!