Our focus is to be recognized as a partner in providing best possible community empowerment and skill development support to create a healthy and vibrant community, which takes pride and values the families as a root, cultural diversity and inclusiveness for all Ontarians.

We aim to serve Ontarians through community development, health promotion, partnership, family enhancement, culturally appropriate service delivery, developing volunteer resources and promoting diversity and inclusiveness through our community outreach.

  1. Partnerships:

Canadian Association of Multicultural People believes in partnerships with all levels of community support structure. We value our partnerships with main stream organizations, community groups, religious places, Government and others with the same vision and agenda to benefit the community. The intent of the network is to strategically work to make a difference to marginalized groups of population blend into mainstream Canadian society through health awareness, and by providing supporting hands with best pieces of information, volunteer development, counseling, referrals, information and bridging barriers in partnership with likeminded groups and organizations in the community.

  1. Holistic Approach:

The organization has a holistic approach in building the community capacity with cultural sensitivity, respect and professional approach in everything we do. We intend to build on existing structures following the best practices and research available in all aspects. The organization also intends to research in different arenas to explore more horizons in social, community and health sector keeping our holistic approach at the base.

  1. Community Development and Empowerment:

We believe community development or empowerment is a multi-dimensional process which requires consistent focus, strategic planning and multifaceted (Top down and bottom up) approach. We believe empowerment means providing skill building and making low cost/ no cost capacity building opportunities available in communities where it’s mostly needed. The organization truly understands the value of community development and intends to pay utmost attention on capacity building, skill building and awareness raising needs of our communities.

  1. Diversity and Inclusion:

As a community based organization, diversity, inclusion and equitable service delivery and resource sharing is our priority. We have been supporting grass root capacity building since 2007 and our aim is to work harder to achieve our goals for the social, mental and physical well-being of the communities we live in. We have done seminars, events and projects to do the same in the past and we hope to continue doing that for years to come. The organization values the cultural diversity of the region and intends to pay special focus on addressing diverse needs according to the cultural competencies and ethics.

We believe that working with diverse communities at grass root level not only brings us closer to the pulse of the community but also gives us a real picture of community needs, challenges, barriers and an insight for real time solutions to overcome these.

  1. Family Enhancement:

Family centered approach is one of the key focuses of our organization. New immigrants coming from several ethnicities are family oriented and their lives revolve around family, its structure and its well-being. The organization intends to pay special attention to the family enhancements needs of the population with a special focus on youth and women’s issues.

  1. Health Promotion:

Health promotion and raising awareness about active, healthy living is one of the most important components of the organization’s approach. This includes social, mental and physical health and wellbeing of individuals. The definition of health is derived from Ottawa charter for us with emphasis on social determinants of health. Our mission is to create and establish healthy communities who blossom and weave further networks together

  1. Children & Youth:

Children are our future and a healthy generation is an asset for us as a society. The organization values our future asset and intends to pay more attention on projects focused on reduced obesity rates and social and mental well-being of children.

  1. Women:

Women are an integral part of our society and our future is based on their social and health well-being, skill development, education and empowerment. Our organization values our women as an asset and pays attention of improving employment rates and social and mental well-being of our women.

We focus on immigrant women to develop their skills through engaging them in skill development opportunities through various volunteer roles, through referrals, training and mentoring.

  1. Diversity:

The organization values the cultural diversity and has an excellent record of addressing those needs paying special attention on the cultural competencies in health promotion, social service and community building. The organization intends to serve the diverse needs of the population in Ontario coming from several regions of South Asia, China, Arabic countries, Caribbean and Somalia etc. Our top 3 priority populations are South Asian, Arabic & African communities.