To empower the community through skill building, community engagement, bridge building & partnership development.


Our vision is to be Canada’s most dynamic organization, empowering communities through skill building, volunteer engagement & building bridges to a peaceful, prosperous, safer and healthier life for people everywhere.


To be recognized as an organization providing best possible community empowerment and skill development support to create a healthy and vibrant community. A community which takes pride in adopting holistic approach to consider family as a root, respecting elders and women, cherishing our youth, respect for cultural heritage and cultural diversity being inclusive for all.


  • To empower the diverse sector of the community volunteer engagement, partnerships and training for capacity building especially for young females and elder women.


  • To plan & support bridge building initiatives for diverse communities through showcasing and celebrating the cultural heritage, tradition and artistic richness of multicultural communities in Ontario


  • To facilitate dialogues among diverse sector of the community make greater impact for programs and services available for mental health and wellness including raising awareness through workshops, counseling and training of peer champions.


  • To build and work with women, youth and senior’s focused collaborative networks, coalitions and self-help community support groups at neighborhood levels to achieve common goals, sharing our expertise and support them with penetrating the community by using grass roots community development principles for their programs and services.


  • To involve and support interfaith and intercultural engagement for greater understanding of ethnic traditions, beliefs and to create an environment of respect, peace and harmony among immigrant communities.


  • To plan and support, cultural events, neighbourhood events, health seminar, educational skill building, career planning, arts and crafts activities, healthy active life style events and immigrant settlement seminars.


  • To build stronger partnerships with officials, crime prevention services, peace keepers, Government services (municipal, regional and federal) to support and promote their programs and services to immigrant populations.


  • To create stronger, collaborative community networks for awareness and community development with special focus on new immigrants and marginalized families specifically, seniors, youth and women.


Theoretical Principles of Operation:

CAMP operates with a culturally relevant model of operation. Its framework has people centred approach and defines the approach as adjusting the cultural and other services to meet the diverse needs of the communities we serve. This approach is one of the many reasons why this agency has been so successful in achieving community credibility and stronger partnerships in a very short time.

The organization uses an integrated holistic model to provide empowerment, skill development and capacity building opportunities for individuals/ volunteers with a special focus on new immigrant communities. The integrated and cohesive holistic model is defined by the agency as “a model which wraps the individuals/ volunteers and their families in a variety of programs offered by CAMP”.