How can you get involved?

  • Donate your time, efforts, skills and resources to support us:
  • Earn your high school community hours by volunteering with us
  • Work with us for your practicum placements each quarter
  • Develop leadership skills by supporting our projects
  • Coordinate our valuable partnerships efforts
  • Support our events as leads
  • Register with us as a volunteer staff to earn valuable Canadian experience.
  • Become a member to support us during our decision making process.
  • Write to us with your ideas
  • Write in our newsletter to benefit the community or comics for youth
  • Build your group in neighbourhoods you live in
  • Initiate your own campaigns for raising food donations and money for community programs to support us.
  • Lend a hand with your expertise as speakers, counselors and presenters.
  • Not sure how else to get involved? Email us to find out more at

You can find the Volunteer Signup form down below.

CAMP Volunteer Form 2016