• We are a community based non- profit organization in Ontario operating since 2007 through a dedicated board of directors.
  • We serve the community in the areas of health promotion, family enhancement and skill development through community empowerment, volunteer engagement, partnerships, training and community mobilizing efforts.
  • We have been working to create stronger, collaborative community networks for awareness and community development with special focus on new immigrants and marginalized families.
  • We work in partnership with other agencies, community groups and stakeholders. We rely on sharing our expertise and penetrating the community by using grass roots community development principles.
  • We strongly believe in building collaborative networks, coalitions and self-help community support groups at neighborhood levels to achieve common goals.
  • We mobilize to develop grass root connections to provide better, unified and structured programs and services connections to the communities.

Our focus is to be recognized as a partner in providing best possible community empowerment and skill development support to create a healthy and vibrant community, which takes pride and values the families as a root, cultural diversity & inclusiveness for all.