Since its inception, Canadian Association of Multicultural People has been visible on the community landscape due to our vibrant networking model and pioneering initiatives that empower people and organizations to partner, serve and build capacity for our future leaders and their families to grown and stay healthy!

We are working to make a difference for the common people in the community from people like ourselves. We are specially focused on the social determinants of health with the best pieces of information for the overall wellbeing of the people in the community.

Intergenerational Focus:

Youth Engagement: Canadian Association of Multicultural People believes in changing the concepts of our youngsters and their families to drive more strength towards health and social well-being. Children and youth are our future and a balanced generation is an asset for us as a society. We value our children and youth as our future asset and intend to pay more attention on projects focused on reducing challenges and social and mental wellbeing of children. Youth engagement is a strong component of our activities. We strive to build the leadership skills and positive attitude of our youth through skills training, leadership development and through providing them with opportunities to be active and eat healthy. We also strive to build their advocacy skills through several forums so they can learn about sustainable policy changes and how to make them a reality!

Older Adults Engagement: Older Adults in our community are an asset for our society and our organization focuses on building their capacity and skills to prevent them from having physical and mental issues and also to provide them with enhanced opportunities for social interaction and networking.


We take pride in celebrating the contributions and accomplishments of our diverse cultures. We are truly pleased to explore and showcase the work of our communities together while respecting the diversity and colorful background we all come from. The organization values the cultural diversity and has an excellent record of addressing those needs paying special attention on the cultural competencies in health promotion, social services and community building. The organization intends to serve the diverse needs of the diverse population in Peel, GTA and Hamilton region coming from several regions of South Asia, African Caribbean and Arabic countries etc.

Organizational structure:

  • The organization is run by a solely volunteer board of 5 directors
  • We have an executive committee of volunteers working on partnership development, event management, mentoring, training, program development & coordination.
  • We have a health promotion work group under the supervision of the president.
  • We have a database of student volunteers working to earn their community work hours


Quantifiable benefits to the community:

  • A network of people who is passionate to bridge the gaps in services.
  • A dedicated group who is committed to bring information and resources together for employment help, career development and health concerns.
  • Well maintained connections, contributions with strength, time and finance.